Sports and games

The water/sports activities were such a succes last year that we’re going to do something similar this year, but then with some new refreshing (see what I did there?!) ideas.

Boys vs Girls

Wednesday we will have our family home evening and what is a family home evening whithout  games?!

Just to make it extra challenging we will have a boys vs girls game night to settle for once and for all who is actually better…ahum girls! 


On Saturday evening we have an amazing dance planned with a fun theme: Travel around the world!

So come as a pilot, bring your wooden shoes, or go as the statue of liberty…you name it. Just be creative and join us for our party!


Who says service activities can’t be fun?!

 At the moment we’re looking for some great opportunities to help out those in need. There is no better way to reach out to those who need it the most and to make them feel loved than doing this with friends…